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You are welcome to participate in the GLBT  Hall Of Fame in several ways. 

Committee positions available are listed below. We also have several volunteer areas of support. Of course making a nomination is always a great way to participate and support. However committee members are not eligible for nomination, and nominees are not eligible for committee membership.

Committee Memberships available.

Nomination and Induction Committee; 
     This committee will oversee the nomination and induction process. 
Our goal is to have a new, by at least twenty-five percent ratio, committee annually. Members will assist in nomination claim verification as needed and vote in all nomination election processes. Goal of five members minimum and ten member maximum.
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Nomination Process Committee;
     This committee will be responsible for nomination information verification. Through processes of email, written and or online documentation, and witness verification. This committee will recommend  to the Nomination and Induction committee for final vote. Ten member maximum. 
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Nomination Installment Committee; 
     This committee will oversee and assist in preparation for actual Induction by assisting with content procurement, permissions, and images. This committee will provide material suggestions for member representative areas. Five member maximum. 
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General Participation Opportunities

Nominations Retrieval Specialist;
     This position requires lots of research. If you are an Internet surfer a perfect fit. Your goal would be to find appropriate nominees for inclusion. Your suggested nominations are sent to the Nomination Process Committee for consideration. You help bring new names and faces to the project.  Ten available 
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Nominations Archive Specialist; 
     This position is to assist in archiving the nominations and information used on the GLBT  Hall Of Fame website. General duties are assisting with site maintenance, report formation and delivery, and website features. Ten available.
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If we don't honor and remember who will?

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