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About the GLBT Hall  Of Fame


The GLBT Hall Of Fame is a community based, member supported program designed to recognize and honor members and friends of the GLBT community who through direct effort and action have made an outstanding impact on the GLBT community and/or the world wide community. It is our belief that pride starts with knowledge. Therefore we hope to strengthen the GLBT community sense of pride while paying respect to and acknowledging the GLBT history and world wide contributions.

The concept originated from countless inquiries at StoneWall Society on subject matters of GLBT  history and community members. It became obvious to StoneWall Society founder Len Rogers that there desperately needed to be an easily accessible and findable source for this information. To meet that requirement in 2004, the GLBT Hall Of Fame was born. Dedicated to be a true community resource and point of interaction, the criteria for the GLBT Hall Of Fame was established to insure fair, accessible, and accurate means of induction were in place.

An original committee of volunteers assisted with nomination information verification, nominee contact, and overall decisions regarding the initial inductees and nominees. Our goal is to establish an annual committee to oversee nominations, verifications, and induction approval. In cases where there are more nominees than inductees the decision on induction will be determined by verified community vote via internet voting.


If we don't honor and remember who will?

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