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GLBT and Humanist activist, author, member - Peter Tatchell


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Date: 12/12/2004

"I am honored to receive this award for my human rights work. It provides an uplifting, positive counter-balance to all the negative, violent attacks over the last 30-plus years.
 I remain as passionate in my quest for LGBT liberation as I was when I first came out and began campaigning in 1969. It has been my great privilege to be part of the worldwide queer emancipation movement, and to have made a small contribution towards overturning the bigotry that has blighted so many queer lives.
  I accept this award with acknowledgement and gratitude to the many people who have helped my campaigns over the last three and more decades. Without their support and solidarity, my work for queer visibility, acceptance and human rights would be much diminished. I salute them."

Solidarity! Peter Tatchell

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