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GLBT and Humanist activist, author, member - Peter Tatchell


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Induction Details

Inducted into the GLBT Hall Of Fame on December 22, 2004.

Elected for induction September 2004: 100% by thirty-one member Nominations and Induction committee affirmation. 

Nomination Details

A portion of the announcement email sent December 08, 2004:

Dear Peter,

It is with great pride and pleasure that I am able to announce that Peter Tatchell has been elected to Standing Inductee in the initial induction to the GLBT / Queer Hall Of Fame at Enshrinement will take place on December 22, 2004. The induction program will be carried live on Rainbow World Radio at 7:00pm central time.

Mr. Tatchell has been elected to membership in the GLBT / Queer Hall Of Fame based on his work for GLBT / Queer Equality, Human Equality, activism and leadership.

Quotes from nominations received for Peter Tatchell

"When there is a fight for equality you can be sure that Peter Tatchell will be in the leading front of the fight. No battle too big for the man who single handed tried to arrest Robert Mugabe." 

"Peter Tatchell fights for human equality, putting us all on one common ground."

"Peter Tatchell is my hero! He may not always say what we would like to hear, but always says what we need to hear. I am grateful there is a Peter Tatchell and thank him for his support of human rights."

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