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"An Evening With Patricia Nell Warren", first in a series of such programs called, "Art Talks", initially aired on Rainbow World Radio, January 27, 2005. The program will be rebroadcast as originally aired to meet requested audiences in the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Italy, and Germany on February 12, and 16, 2005. Music for the program, which will be included featured; GLBT Hall Of Fame member Peter Allen and StoneWall Society GLBT Artists; Norine Braun, Thomas Raniszewski, Grecoté from Bear Tracks 1, and Zrazy. The program length is just over three hours.

You may listen to the interview portion directly here by selecting the segments below. The three segments below are approximately an hour in length each.  Segments are in Windows Media   file format. You may save the files to your machine to enjoy later if you wish. However, any reproduction, distribution, or broadcast must have the approval of the GLBT Hall Of Fame

"Evening With Patricia Nell Warren" Part One 

"Evening With Patricia Nell Warren" Part Two 

"Evening With Patricia Nell Warren" Part Three

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